5 reasons to pick up the Kabuto expandable smart carry-on !

We all travel. As this technological world advances, it seems we travel more and more.  Yet why, when technology has changed so much, have our suitcases stayed the same ?

We’re here to help your suitcase catch up to 2018, Meet the Kabuto® Carry-on, the World’s most spacious, smart suitcase.

1- 50% extra volume is only a zip away

Stop debating between packing a small carry-on to the brim or checking a large suitcase. Nobody wants to wait at that carousel. Take Kabuto® and expand it by 50 percent in volume, then simply retract it back once you don’t need the extra room.

2- Fingerprint lock TSA approved

The Kabuto® Carry-on protects your luggage from unwanted invaders. Keep your belonging secure with our fingerprint lock. Your suitcase is completely secure at all time. Simply place your finger on the lock … and that’s it ! You can record as much as 10 different fingerprints, so the entire family and even some friends can enjoy travelling with your Kabuto® .

No key, no code, no glitchy apps! Just your finger, it’s that easy!

3- Ultra powerful battery for connected non-stop travelers

The built-in power and a convenient charging pocket, will charge all your devices on-the-go: smartphones, laptops, camera…

The battery can be easily removed to check-in in order to comply with the current airlines regulations.


4- Kabuto® set the trend

The Kabuto® disruptive design is setting up a new trend for connected luggage. Kabuto® is born with a dream : to make an ergonomical, practical, elegant and digital suitcase.  Independent compartments have been provided for convenience :  2 compartments (front / back) to store computers and devices, documents and all cables. One bottom compartment for shoes or laundry. The wide telescopic trolley handle maximises the inner volume and offers a flat interior.

5- All Terrain wheels suitcase

Noisy wheels are clearly something of the past with the large – 51/2 inches, mounted on double ball-bearing – rubber wheels that roll silently on any surface. Sidewalks, stairs, steps, curbs, nothing is an obstacle for the Kabuto®.


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