Kabuto® User Guide

Recharge your Kabuto®

Fingerprint system


First time registration :
When you have received your new suitcase, no fingerprint is recorded in the Memory, any finger will open it until you have recorded one. To record the first fingerprint:

  • Place one finger on the sensor to Wake up the system,
  • Press the button next to the sensor and hold it down for 2 seconds. The LED will lit yellow quickly,
  • Place one finger on the sensor for scanning. The LED lits up blue then green when the scan is completed,
  • Remove the finger, the LED flashes again.
  • You have to scan the same finger 4 times in succession to record a full fingerprint, until the LED changes to solid blue.

Your fingerprint is saved and will be the only one that can open the bag, it is the master fingerprint that allows to register any additional fingerprint.


Further fingerprint registration registration

You can record up to 10 different fingerprints. To record a second fingerprint – and any additional one – you have to activate the system with the master fingerprint.

  • Then quickly press the button next to the sensor and hold it for 2 seconds, until the green LED flashes rapidly.
  • Repeat the registration steps as explained above for the first registration

You can record more fingerprints by first opening the lock with any registered finger first, then follow the above procedure.

When the zippers pullers are inserted in the lock, the suitcase is automatically closed. To reopen your Kabuto®, simply place your finger on the sensor (or open it with the key provided). If a fingerprint is not recognized the LED will change from green to red. Try again with a finger already memorized.

Should the lock remain dead when you touch it – no light, no sound – you may follow this step:

  • Use a USB C cable that you plug into a USB charger. It is important to use a charger plugged in the main, not a battery. This should reactivate the lock.
  • Let it charge for 30’ before unplugging.


Expanding your suitcase

Simply undo the zipper that goes around the lower section of the suitcase; Pull the telescopic handle to its maximum.

Expand your Kabuto® by holding the telescopic handle with one hand, then with the other hand pull the top handle.

You’ve just made your suitcase 50% bigger !

The TSA lock of the Kabuto® Lite model

The Kabuto® Lite does not come with the auto lock with a fingerprint, but with a TSA approved 3-digit lock.

To set your own code, follow these steps :

1 – Put the dials at its original numbers 0-0-0. To open the lock, move upward the B button

2 – With a pencil or something pointed, press firmly on the A button next to the 3 dials. Keep it pressed down.

3 – With your other hand, turn the dials to the desired setting.

4-  Then, release the button A .

Now you have finished to set your personal combination. Please remember your personal combination by heart.

5 – Please repeat the above steps to reset the numbers.

Devices and bottom compartment

The Kabuto® case offers two compartments to store your computer:
  • a back pocket where you easily fit tablets and laptop up to 12 inches (USB plug available)
  • and a large front pocket for a 15 inches computer

The combination is 0-0-0 and can be customized by following these steps:

  1. Pull the padlock rod – picture 1-
  2. Rotate the shank 90 ° counterclockwise until you can press the shank down.
    Turn the knobs to obtain the desired combination.
  3. Release the rod to record this combination. You can change this combination by repeating the steps above.

Size of the shoe compartment : 13.5 cm (5.3 inches) high, 21 cm (8.2 inches) deep, 33 cm (13 inches) wide

Hook and luggage cover

The hook provided with the suitcase allows you to attach a computer sleeve or a small piece of hand luggage. Thanks to the fabric loop on the top.

The case is fully waterproof and ultra shock resistant but also comes with a protective cover (also expandable) that protects the bag from the weather or when you have to put it in the hold.

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