Kabuto, the smart suitcase for non-stop travelers

We all travel. As this technological world advances, it seems we travel more and more. Yet why, when technology has changed so much, have our suitcases stayed the same ?

Fingerprint lock

The Kabuto protects your luggage from unwanted invaders. Keep your belonging secure with our fingerprint lock.
Simply place your finger on the lock…and that’s it. No glitchy apps, no code, no keys, no other devices. Just your finger. It’s that easy.

Kabuto super powerfull Battery

Thanks to the powerful battery, you can charge your devices with the USB ports located on the top of the suitcase under the flaps: there is one USB A for all your devices (smartphones, tablets, portable speakers,…) and one USB C for your laptop. There is an additional USB A socket in the back “Easy-Access” pocket to charge the devices you placed inside.

We have done our due diligence to make sure the Kabuto suitcase complies with travel industry standards. Kabuto suitcase uses a 60 watts Lithium-ion removable battery, which is well within the FAA limit of 100 watts on Li-ion batteries.

As body scans, metal detectors and random bag checks are part of a standard security practice in airports, you may be asked to open your suitcase. All you need to do is to show the removable battery or/and let TSA know they hold a master key and point out the logo on the TSA approved smart-lock.

The battery in the Kabuto suitcase has to be removed to check-in in order to comply with the current airlines regulations.

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